Wood n' Stream Wading Shoes by Weinbrenner
Resoling and Refurbishing Wood n' Stream Wading Shoes by Weinbrenner Wood n' Stream Wading Shoes by Weinbrenner
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Your polypropylene-blend felt soles are designed and built for maximum traction on all kinds of sub-aquatic surfaces. The abrasive nature of these surfaces will eventually take their toll on the soft felt, but no problem, Weinbrenner will either send you replacement soles for your local shoe repair shop to put on , or we offer a resoling and refurbishing service at our factory. Either way, you are assured of years of service from your wading shoes.

Replacement Soles


Regular Felt $ 10.00
Double Felt $ 20.00
Studded Felt $ 25.00

Resoling, Refurbishing


Regular Felt $ 32.00
Double Felt $ 37.25
Studded Felt $ 37.25


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